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Using positive thinking to attract business success.

April 5, 2018


How can you bring more success into your business using just the power of your mind?


Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction, manifestation, Universe alignment or even magic, putting yourself in a positive mind frame will have an amazing impact on your business.

For example; you wake up and one thing goes wrong- the tiniest thing, it could be that a bulb blows or something minor. The usual reaction is for us to say something like ‘that’s a great start to my day’ or ‘it’s going to be one of those days’. Already you are setting yourself up to look for and attract bad things into your day to make it a ‘bad day’ and confirm your fears.

Here are a few exercises you can carry out to ensure every day is a good day and bring more success into your business through positive thinking:

  1. Think positive. Obvious, but one of the hardest exercises. Be aware of any negative thoughts and work on replacing them with something much more positive. If you’re around a negative person remove yourself from them or alert them to their negativity. Tell yourself you will have a good day, focus on good things around you and look for good things happening. When something good does happen, write it down- it could be something as simple as winning £2 on a scratch card.

  2. Become what you want to be. If your dream is to be a CEO but right now you work from a spare room at home, you can still become a CEO! Don’t walk around in pyjamas, dress for success, put your makeup on, style your hair. By making small steps to become what you want to be and thinking you are already there, you will become what you want to be in no time at all.

  3. Eat positivity for breakfast! Read books, listen to audio books, watch documentaries, go to bed listening to hypnosis- all on positivity. By doing this you will learn how to bring positivity into your life and be more aware of it.

  4. Be grateful. It’s not difficult to become more positive by just looking around you and focusing on the good things already in your life. Just by becoming more aware of these you can shift your mind frame. Write down what your grateful for or go to bed and say in your head at night what you’re grateful for that very day. Think small, think big but be grateful and aware of what you are grateful for and you will find you have more and more things to put on your list!

  5. Believe. It’s easy to live a more positive life for a day, a week etc. It’s only when you really believe in the shift you have made and that more positivity is coming your way, that it actually will. Whether or not you believe in magic or the powers of the universe, it can’t be wrong that if your putting yourself on the right path to good things happening and in the frame of mind to actually notice them happening, that they will actually happen. Wake up and say ‘I am going to have a great day’ and you will. Believe in yourself, believe in your business. You CAN create business success by simply positive thinking.


Here are some great exercises to practice from a fantastic article to get you on your way to a positive life: http://www.thelawofattraction.com/positive-thinking-exercises/

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