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Keeping Healthy At Your Desk

January 16, 2018

Striking the balance between success and health



Here at Zest, we are great believers in balance. Our aim is to keep you successful, happy and healthy. This balance can be difficult when you work for yourself or if you’re working at a desk all day, so we’ve listed our top tips below.

  1. Start your day with intention. Think of two things that you want to complete today. And by ‘complete’, this might mean starting a task rather than finishing it, but what do you want to tick off your list? It can be tempting to add more than two items but we encourage you to focus on two key things rather than be overwhelmed with too much, because the tendency is then that you’ll end up spinning too many plates and not completing anything!

  2. Write your goals down. They might be long term, or they might be goals you wish to complete today. Studies have shown that writing your goals down increases your chance of reaching them by 42%.

  3. Take a daily walk. This is a great way to split your day up. Getting out into the fresh air is reviving and your body will thank you for the movement. We also find that some of our best ideas come to us when we take this time out of our busy day, away from the distractions, so our theory is that taking this break will make you more productive too!

  4. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is key to your concentration.

  5. Have healthy snacks available. Just as hydration is key to concentration, so is eating the right food. If you want to be working to your optimum level, you want to be fuelling your body with the right nutrition.

  6. Keep moving. Get up from your desk every half hour to move around. Our bodies weren’t designed to be static for an extended amount of time, so move every 30 minutes, even if it’s just to refill your glass of water.

  7. Exercise at your desk. This article is a very interesting read and has some great ideas: https://draxe.com/exercise-to-do-at-your-desk/

  8. Music. Take 5 minutes to put on your favourite song and bounce around the room. This one is probably best if you work alone but you might be lucky in working with a colleague who’s up for a boogie! Here at Zest we are very partial to a spontaneous outburst to an uplifting tune! Raising the heartbeat will leave you feeling energised and fabulous and ready to conquer that inbox.

  9. Delegate. If your workload is overwhelming you, it might be time to delegate. This is where virtual business support can be invaluable. Here at Zest we can support you by taking some of the workload so that you can focus on the more important tasks that always slip to the bottom of the list. From administration to marketing and personal errands, we have you covered: https://www.zestsupportsolutions.co.uk/




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