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What Is A Virtual Assistant?

February 1, 2017


What is a Virtual Assistant?


The virtual world is constantly growing and continuing to have an impact on our working lives. Most, and sometimes all of our marketing is now virtually based, predominately lead by social media. This is fantastic news for companies wanting to start marketing campaigns in the most effective, yet cost efficient way.


Increasing in popularity and adopting a similar theory is the world of virtual services, A.K.A virtual assistants, virtual P.A’s or virtual professionals (as most of us like to be known) Yes, it is no surprise that women (and men) are reaching for the opportunity to work for themselves, improve the work/home balance and create more flexibly in their lives, however, on the flip-side there is actually a rea


One benefit to this ever growing service to businesses, particularly to the business owner’s pocket.


Virtual assistants are game changers, they enable businesses to maximise their potential in ways they don't even know yet. Most virtual assistants will specialise in a subject field as well as other general tasks and skills, allowing businesses to have access to experts at their disposal! No more expensive agency fees for an over-baring admin pile or temporary sickness cover, reduced staff costs for tasks with unpredictable finish times and eliminating the need for unnecessary employment, are a few ways virtual assistants are benefiting businesses. With a V.A there are even no equipment costs and a reduced electricity/water/heating bill- winner!


The best part about a virtual assistant is that they are virtual- they are already the future! Who wouldn't want to make use of professional that is already ahead of the times with how we are working and up to date with the most current working trends particularly when it comes to marketing our businesses and working with the most cost efficient techniques.


Examples of some problems that a V.A will solve:


- You need the phone answering during meetings, commutes etc.

- You don’t have the time/man power to manage social media

- You have an increasing admin pile but you know it’s not enough to employ full time staff

- You need your emails screening to avoid time wasting

- You need someone to manage your diary/calendar



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