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The Benefits Of Hiring Virtual Staff

January 1, 2017


Virtual workers are on the increase, with more and more people ditching the 9-5 and working from home on their own terms. So we ask:


What are the benefits of using virtual staff?


‘Buy more time’ in your working day

Time, the most important word in the business dictionary, after money of course. By hiring virtual staff the business owner is literally buying more time in their working day, something many working professionals dream of. An hour or a year, you can buy as much time as you need and that’s the beauty of it!


Avoid agency fees

No dreaded agency fees added to your rates, yet the same flexibility and no ties.


Alleviate stress

An inbox full of emails, a stack of undealt with paperwork, a phone ringing off the hook during your lunch break, these are just a few of the things that contribute to you or your staff feeling rushed, under pressure and overwhelmed. Virtual staff are a call/skype/email away to alleviate the pressure and get you back on track. Stress levels can’t be predicted for the future so more and more business people are calling upon virtual staff at their exact time of need.   


Reduce the administrative pile

A virtual assistant will manage their own time and diary, there will be gaps in their working week where they are available to do the simplest of tasks from entering information into a spreadsheet to putting up a quick tweet, our admin tasks soon pile up and a virtual assistant can do as much or as little as you need to help keep the admin pile manageable.


Avoid the cost of full time staff

Most of the points above demonstrate that sometimes, hiring a new member of staff is not always necessary. Think of a virtual assistant as a plumber to a landlord, they are on the books ready to call in times of need and emergencies, they are not always employed by the landlord on a daily basis as some days the pipework is working just fine! Sometimes it can be a struggle to keep even part time staff busy but they are employed so you’ve committed to the payment, with a virtual contact you only pay for the time that you use them.


Minimal training required/Guaranteed experience

If you hire an experienced V.A, chances are there isn’t a task you could find them that they haven’t come across before. Most the skills they have are adaptable from business to business they are fully prepared and ready to get started on the task at hand. Working as a virtual assistant requires your own station, systems and equipment, they are a transferable service that do not require training on most systems and procedures as they are experts of their own!


Reduce your water, heating and electric bills

Simple. No office presence = one less person using resources.


More office space

They have their own home offices so you don’t need to make space for them, this is also the perfect solution for start up businesses or entrepreneurs that work from virtual offices or from home.


Realistic timescales

Virtual assistants work with time management tools, they can literally log every hour they work. This means that you only pay for the hours they work. This method of working increases productivity and saves you money, a virtual assistant will have a good understanding of how long certain tasks will take.


  • Sick cover

  • Maternity cover

  • Holiday cover

These things happen, they can leave you at a loose end. Do I employ someone temporary? What do I do with the build-up of work? Can I expect another employee to take on more tasks? That’s where a V.A comes in, at your disposal, at your time of need.



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The Benefits Of Hiring Virtual Staff

January 1, 2017

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