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10 Questions with a Virtual Assistant

April 1, 2017

 Founder Shellie asked experienced VA, Danielle Roper 10 questions about life as a Virtual Assistant:


1.Who is your ideal client?

A client that is clear about the tasks they would like me to complete, who is a good communicator, who is upfront with me and honest and that also likes to have a bit of a laugh.


2.What apps/programmes can’t you live without –

Toggl, I use this everyday to keep track of all of the projects I am working on for different clients at d.ifferent times of the day.

Some sort of word processing programme. I use a Mac so mine is pages. Canva is also another one I couldn't live without, I create all of my social media posts, blog posts etc. on that!


3.Describe your typical day –

typical day is waking up and showering and getting ready for the day, I usually start my day at 9AM and I work in my home office on whatever projects I have going on at that time and I will work until all tasks are completed. After that I either relax for a little while before tea time for my family!


4.What is your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge was trying to shut off from being at home. I used to find that I was doing odd chores around the house like putting a load of washing in the washing machine, or doing a bit of washing up. I have had to learn to literally walk in my office and everything else has to stop!


5.Your biggest success?

Actually taking that leap of faith and setting up my own business. I never thought I would be able to do it all by myself and I have shocked myself at how well I have done. This time last year I had no confidence and was always over thinking things, but now I feel so much more confident and have a ‘just go for it’ attitude.


6.What made you take the plunge to being a VA?

I had been let go from a job suddenly and unexpectedly. I then obviously applied for jobs that I had managed to get a number of interviews. I would go to the interviews to be told I was ‘over qualified’ for the job, which I thought was a complete waste of my time as they had seen my CV prior to asking me in! so this is when I decided to become a VA and the rest is history!


7.Do you have a top tip for other VA’s?

Never give up! when it all seems hopeless and you can’t find clients, keep battling away at advertising yourself online and sending out emails to potential clients. You will get there, you just have to make yourself be known.


8.How do you stay motivated?

Networking keeps me motivated, whether that be online or in the local community.


9.How do you market your business?

I spend a lot of my time working on my blog (www.danielleroperva.com) but I spend most of my time on social media, LinkedIn is the main networking site I use. I always create social media posts to market my services so it isn't just boring writing, there is a visual to go with it.


10.What do you love most about being a VA?

I love the flexibility of working wherever I want. I am my own boss and my all of my own decisions, nothing can beat that!



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